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Solar Eclipses visible from New Zealand

Partial total and annular eclipses 2000 to 2050      Total and annular eclipses in previous centuries

Paths of total and annular eclipses 2028 to 2037      Paths of two annular eclipses in 2042 and 2045

Data and maps obtained using David Herald's WinOccult program.

The listing shows all solar eclipses wisible from at least some part of New Zealand during the first part of the present century. Dates and times of the mid eclipse are shown for 4 main centres, followed by the fraction of the Sun's disc covered by the Moon.

In a number of cases the Sun either rises or sets in eclipse, so only the last or first part of the eclipse is visible. The times then shown are those of the start or end. Eg, for Auckland 2011 November 25, start 8:10pm, sunset indicates the Sun sets soon after the start of the eclipse at 8.10pm and before mid eclipse. For 2005 April 9 at Christchurch, sunrise, end 7:53am indicates the Sun rose partly eclipsed (just before 7 am), with the eclipse ending at 7:53am.

Times of eclipses are in NZST or NZDT as is appropriate for the date.

The period from the end of 2012 to mid 2028 New Zealand sees only a few poor solar eclipses, some only visible from parts of the country as a very slight partial eclipse, others occur at the time of sunrise or sunset so with the Sun very low. To compensate this is followed by a sequence of 3 total and 3 annular eclipses crossing New Zealand between July 2028 and February 2045. The first is the low total eclipse at Dunedin in July 2028.

NZ date AucklandWellington ChristchurchDunedin
Time% Time% Time% Time%
2002 Dec 4No eclipseNo eclipse No eclipsestart 9:17pm at sunset
2003 Nov 24No eclipse11:17am5.7% 11:19pm13.5%11:21pm21.2%
2005 Apr 96:50am65.8%6:51am79.3% sunrise, end 7:53amsunrise, end 7:54am
2008 Feb 75:52pm57.5%5:43pm62.6% 5:37pm62.8%5:31pm62.9%
2011 Nov 25No eclipse start 8:10pm, sunset 8:42pm27.9%8:41pm30.6%
2012 Nov 1410:28am87.0%10:34am76.4% 10:35am68.9%10:36am61.5%
Total eclipse just north of New Zealand, starts just after sunrise at Cairns, Queensland.
2013 May 1011:49am7.8%11:49am0.6% No eclipseNo eclipse
2021 Dec 4 Start of eclipse at sunset visible from Southland and southern Fjordland, ca 9:12pm NZDT at Invercargill.
2023 Apr 205:00pm6.4%4:51pm1.0% No eclipseNo eclipse
2024 Oct 36:57am
At sunrise
1.8% No eclipseNo eclipse No eclipse
2025 Sep 226:55am69.7%7:04am74.2% 7:08am76.6%7:13am78.8%
Sun rises just after start of partial eclipse in all parts of NZ.
2028 Jul 224:24pm73.7%4:22pm85.4% 4:20pm93.8%4:17pmTOTAL
Total eclipse at Dunedin, Sun low, sets just before end of partial eclipse. Path of totality crosses Australia including Sydney.
2030 Nov 25No eclipse8:21pm, sunset 8:20pm, sunset8.19pm, sunset
NZ date AucklandWellington ChristchurchDunedin
Time% Time% Time% Time%
2035 Mar 1010:54am87.7%10:55am98.6% 10:52am93.5%10:51am88.1%
Annular eclipse, path includes Westport, Nelson, Picton, Johnsonville, Hutt, Paraparumu and Masterton.
2036 Feb 276:59pm24.5%6:51pm31.2% 6:47pm33.3%6:42pm35.3%
2037 Jul 133:49pm98.3%3:46pm95.6% 3:41pm89.2%3:36pm82.8%
Total eclipse over central North Island, path just south of Hamilton to just north of New Plymouth.
Centre line from Tirua Point to Turangi and Napier.
2038 Dec 262:23pm90.0%2:22pm98.9% 2:17pm92.1%2:13pm85.1%
Total eclipse over Golden Bay and Lower North Island, from Paraparumu north to Marton.
Centre line from Whanganui Inlet and tip of Farewell Spit to Foxton and Pahiatua.
A small triangle of the North Island from about Waipukurau eastwards will see both the 2037 and 2038 eclipses.
2040 May 114:29pm34.1%4:21pm39.9% 4:15pm42.9%4:09pm45.4%
2041 Oct 25Slight partial eclipse north of line from about Kaitaia to Whangaruru Harbour. At North Cape about 4pm with about 1% Sun obscured.
2042 Oct 143:33pm73.3%3:31pm85.7% 3:31pm92.5%3:28pm91.6%
Annular eclipse, path includes Franz Joseph, Rangiora, Christchurch, Ashburton, Timaru, Oamaru, Milford Sound, Queenstown and Alexandra.
2045 Feb 1712:00 noon84.9%11:55am 92.6%11:50am92.6%11:45am88.7%
Annular eclipse, path the South Island north of a line Wanaka to Christchurch, except Golden Bay,
and the North Island south of a line from Wanganui to Tolaga Bay.
2046 Feb 610:41am4.6%No eclipse No eclipseNo eclipse
2047 Jul 2310:12am15.9%10:19a21.4% 10:19am24.5%10:19am27.1%
2050 May 21sunrise, end 8:08am sunrise, end 8:17amsunrise, end 8:19am sunrise, end 8:21am
NZ date AucklandWellington ChristchurchDunedin
Time% Time% Time% Time%

Map showing paths of total and annular eclipses across New Zealand, 2028 to 2037.

Paths of eclipse across New Zealand 2028 to 2037.

Map showing paths of two annular eclipses across New Zealand, 2042 and 2045.

Paths of eclipse across New Zealand 2042 and 2045.
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Past Total and Annular Eclipses of the Sun Visible from New Zealand

The table shows a list of eclipses which have crossed New Zealand from since the year 1433. Also shown are the places or areas from which the total or annular eclipse was visible. At all other places in New Zealand a deep partial eclipse would have been seen. Dates given throughout are for New Zealand and refer to the Gregorian calendar.

There will of course have been many more partial eclipses during this time.

Date Type of eclipse Places visible Notes
16 Jan 1991 Annular Nelson, Blenheim, Wellington Near midday
05 Feb 1981 Annular Stewart Island (southern tip)  
31 May 1965 Total North of Whangerai Near sunrise
08 Mar 1951 Annular Christchurch northwards Near sunrise
14 Dec 1936 Annular Auckland/Waikato  
04 Jan 1927 Annular Far North Early morning
21 Jul 1925 Annular North Cape Early morning
02 Feb 1897 Annular Just touched North Cape Early morning
09 Sep 1885 Total Nelson, Wellington, Wairarapa. Manawatu Morning
27 May 1816 Annular Fiordland, Stewart Island, sites of Invercargill, Dunedin Afternoon
29 Dec 1796 Annular South Island/Wellington-Hawkes Bay At sunset
30 Jan 1748 Total Fiordland-Taranaki-Waikato afternoon
08 Feb 1739 Total Taranaki-East Cape afternoon
23 Apr 1735 Total Taranaki-Eastern BOP morning
21 Jun 1610 Total Wellington/Nelson wide path, sun setting before end of eclipse
05 Jan 1582 Annular Westland/South Canterbury early morning
15 Dec 1545 Hybrid Waikato changed from total to annular at point ca 25 km south of Hamilton
10 Jul 1516 Annular Auckland afternoon
20 Jul 1507 Annular Westland-Canterbury hybrid, annular for NZ, total over Australia
11 Nov 1491 Total Fiordland-Otago, Oamaru afternoon
23 Jan 1488 Annular Stewart Island morning
18 Sep 1485 Annular Northland-East Cape afternoon
20 Nov 1463 Total Westland-North Canterbury afternoon
21 Dec 1433 Annular Lower North Island - Upper South Island morning

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