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Southern Stars volume 44 Abstracts

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Volume 44: March 2005 to December 2005, principal articles and abstracts.

Volume 44, number 1: March 2005
Progress from Pencils to PCs.
A Brief Musing on Events leading up to the Digitising of the VSS Observation Records.
A brief history of Mt John and a tribute to Frank Bateson's involvement in Mt John's development.
Memories of the Site Testing
The Bateson Legacy: Variable Stars Research at the Auckland Observatory.
Watching the 'Abdication Eclipse' with Frank Bateson.
Cataclysmic Variable Stars: the Professional/Amateur Connection.
Long Term Observations of Type II Cepheids.
The International Chart Working Group.
IY Carinae - a Mira Type Variable Star.
Book Review - "The Life and Science of Leon Foucalt".
CD-ROM Review - "Venus' rendez-vous".
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Volume 44, number 2: June 2005
New Zealand AstroPhoto 2005.
Active Region 10720.
Cruise-Ship Astronomy Lecturing.
Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand - Annual Report for 2004.
Astronomy at the University of Canterbury - Annual Report for 2004.
2005: The Einstein Anniversary.
Book Review - "The New Amateur Astronomer".
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Volume 44, number 3: September 2005
Trials and Tribulations of an Amateur Astronomer.
Building an Observatory with a Papier Mâché Skinned Dome.
What if? Albert Jones' after dinner conference presentation.
VLO - The Amateur-Profesional Connection.
Probing the Fabric of Space: from Foucault's Gyroscope to Gravity Probe B.
RASNZ Dark Skies Group.
Asteroid Research and Amateur Input.
Astronomy at the University of Canterbury and at Mt John (2002 & 2003).
Book Review - "The Life and Times of the Telescope".
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Volume 44, number 4: December 2005
Beatrice Tinsley, New Zealand's 'Bright Star'.
Astrophotography Section Competition Winner
Unexpected Fireworks! Active Region 808.
Video Observation of Occultations.
Developments of NZ Radio Astronomy and Trans-Tasman Long Baseline Array.
Square Kilometre Array in New Zealand.
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