Murray Geddes Memorial Prize

Murray Geddes The Murray Geddes Memorial Prize is awarded by the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand to a person or persons for contributions to astronomy in New Zealand. The award is usually made annually. The recipient of the prize must be a New Zealand resident but need not be a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand. Normally a person may only receive the award once.

RASNZ By-laws governing the Murray Geddes Memorial Prize

  1. The Murray Geddes Memorial Prize shall be awarded to a person or persons at intervals of not more than five years, nor less than one year, for contributions to astronomy in New Zealand.
  2. The recipient of the prize shall be a resident of New Zealand and need not be a member of the Society.
  3. Only in exceptional circumstances shall the award be made to the same person more than once.
  4. Council may annually, at such time as it may decide, invite nominations for the prize from whatever sources it deems appropriate. Nominations shall remain valid for three years from the date of nomination. Additional information in support of a nomination may be accepted during the three years.
  5. Council shall have the sole decision in making the award and its decision shall be made not less than two months before the date of the Annual General Meeting.
  6. The prize shall consist of goods to a value which Council shall from time to time decide, and shall be presented with a certificate suitably inscribed with the recipient's name and the signature of the President, or Vice President. The prize and certificate shall be presented, whenever possible, at the Annual General Meeting.
  7. The name of each new recipient shall be published in the Journal of the Society.

Past Murray Geddes Memorial Prize recipients.

1945 Mr A F Jones
1946 Mr D L Snelling
1947 Mr R D Adams
1948 Mr G G Couling
1949 Mr D C Berry and Mr J Stitchbury
1950 Mr F M Bateson
1951 Miss J Grey and Mr D A Philpott
1952 Mr G T Railton
1953 Mr M Hedges
1954 Mr W D Anderson
1955 Mr R F Joyce
1956 Mr R B Orton
1957 Mr L R H Beaumont
1958 Mr J G Gow
1959 Mr A J Doig and Mr T J Richards
1960 Mr K D Adams
1961 Mr W H Ward
1962 Mr A C Gilmore
1963 Mr E L Morley
1964 Dr C D Ellyet
1965 Mr C B Michie
1966 Mr P A Read
1967 Mr A J Thomas
1968 Mr C P Fisk
1969 Mr C H Rowe
1970 Dr P J Edwards
1971 Mr B F Marino and Mr W S G Walker
1972 Mr W J H Fisher
1973 Mr M Clark and Mr G R Nankivell
1974 Mr G S Smith
1975 Mr G Hall-Jones
1976 Mr L A C Warner
1977 Mr & Mrs W S Thrush
1978 no award
1979 Mr J E Morgan and Mr J H Duthie
1980 Mr F P Andrews
1981 Mr W H Allen
1982 Ms P M Kilmartin
1983 Mr G L Blow
1984 Mr R R D Austin
1985 Dr J B Hearnshaw
1986 Mr D J MacLennan
1987 Mr G S Smith
1988 Mr J D Whelan
1989 Mr Jack Dunlop (Napier) and Mr G Loftus
1990 Mr R N Campbell
1991 Mr H Williams
1992 Mr R McIntosh
1993 Mr R Sutherland
1994 Mr R Evans
1995 Mr A Dodson
1996 Mr G Hudson
1997 Dr J Baggaley
1998 no award
1999 Mr N Rumsey
2000 Mrs P A and Mr B R Loader
2001 Mr D Goodman
2002 Ms Marilyn Head
2003 Mr M Bos
2004/5 Dr Albert and Mrs Carolyn Jones
2006 Ms Jennie McCormick
2007 Mr R Rea
2008 No award
2009 Mr R Hall
2010 Mr S Butler
2011 Mr M Collins
2012 Mr. Stuart Parker
2013 Dr. Grant Christie
2014 Mr. Chris Monigatti